Need help for animation

Hello !
I just did my animation in unity with the main camera.
I did 14 animations and I want to play them 1 after the other (Forst anim1, then if it finished anim2 etc.)
And I don’t know why but one look like ;

and the other :

Thank you for your help !

PS : If it’s possible, use C# :))

Use Animation.PlayQueued Plays an animation after previous animations
has finished playing.

For example you might play a specific
sequeue of animations after each

The animation state duplicates itself
before playing thus you can fade
between the same animation. This can
be used to overlay two same
animations. For example you might have
a sword swing animation. The player
slashes two times quickly after each
other. You could rewind the animation
and play from the beginning but then
you will get a jump in the animation.

Hello @Alcedas. there is no need to use any code to play animations one after another even if they are made for one Game object that is Main Camera…
Just go into select your Main Camera Component from Hierarchy and Go into the Animator window and drag your all animation clips of main camera into animator window and just make transition in sequence which you like…just adjust all animation clips in one camera controller okay…See in image…The animations will play one after another…

Hi Amoldadu, I am trying to achieve the same sequential animation result. This solution does not work (for me at least), all the animations still play concurrently.