Need help for lerp rotation

I have an issue in Lerp I use lerp for rotating an object on time
t+=Time.deltaTime/ 20;
Transform.rotation= Quaternion.Lerp(SRC.rot,that.rot,t);
But it complete its rotate in 0.1 instead of 1 may I know the reason

Good day.

I dont understand how are you using “t”.

In any lerp function (element1, element2, t) the “t” is a value from 0 to 1. Lerp will give you a value between element 1 and element 2. If “t” is 0, the result will be element1, if “t” is 1, the lerp result will be element2. If “t” is 0.5, lerp will give you exactly the midpoint between element1 and element2.

So… “t” allow you to “lerp more or less”.

In your code what value recieves “t”? If more than 1, of course is not lerping at all, it just returns you element2.

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