need help for my game

There are 6 disable gameobjects.
I want when I click on a button ,one of six gameObjects actives randomly and if I click on the button again
it actives one of remaning gameObejects that are not active.
and after 6 clicks all my 6 gameObjects should be active.
can anyone help me ?
I put gameObjects in an array

GameObject list;

        public GameObject GetRandomGameObject()
            var groups = list.GroupBy(m => m.activeInHierarchy);  //Created 2 groups, 1 contains enabled gameobjects, 1 contains disabled gameobjects
            foreach (var group in groups)
                if (group.Key)

                List<GameObject> listObj = group.ToList();

                int randomIndex = Random.Range(0, listObj.Count);
                return listObj[randomIndex];
            return null;

You can then use: