Need help for Player Spawning and Player speed control slider!!

Making a Multiple Player game, need help with two issues;

  1. I have made 3 spawn points and set them to Random, also the Registering Game Manager Script has been created, but the Client Still Spawns on top of the existing Local Players Position. If i disconnect and re-connect sometimes it gets the new spawn point, but again spawns on top of the local player.

  2. I have a canvas with the Player Speed Slider, it does not work once the client joins in, neither for the Client nor the local player.

Please help !!

Thanks n Rgds

The first issue seems to be some script issues with the isLocalPlayer, for the second one, try putting the canvas as an inactive child to the player prefab and having a script to activate it for the local player only and fix its position every frame, try this it worked for me before as every client has his own scripts system
I hope that hepled you :slight_smile:

Hamza Odeh

Thanks Hamza for your time and Response!

  1. For isLocalPlayer, i have written this in the PlayerSetup Script, [94790-playersetup-script.txt|94790]

  2. Am not sure about inactive child of the Player, could you please elaborate or show how to do this. Presently it resides under the Player and from the above PlayerSetup I disable the components like Camera and others for the Remote players.

Thanks in advance and await yours.