Need Help for script

I have a script that is called “bullet.cs”
Since in the WeaponScritp created by my instance as a new object But I need “Bullet.Cs” to detect where or by who was instantiated and add money to the player that instanticio when it collisione (clear to add the money to a script called Score Inside the player)

I’m guessing you are trying to say is//… I have an instanced prefab, it has a script called bullet.cs that comes attached as a component. So, when my prefab gets instantiated, I need each instance of bullet.cs to be able to locate the spawner player-object that instantiated it. Also it needs to add money to that player when the prefab collides with money pickups in the game… …// One easy remedy is to create separate bullet scripts for each player, so each always can refer to only one player and add points accordingly. Or after it is instantiated, check its proximity to the player weapon bullet spawn objects in the game…whichever is closest will be the child of the player object that you want to reference.