Need help generating structures according to texture

I am trying to get certain structures to generate in certain positions according to texture on the floor, for instance i dont want a tree spawning in the water but i do on the grass. But i need help on getting the texture on the floor, so far I have: RaycastHit hit; Vector3 raycastDown = new Vector3(transform.position.x, transform.position.y, transform.position.z); if(Physics.Raycast(raycastDown, Vector3.down, out hit)){ if( == "Terrain Chunk"){ hitObject = hit.collider.gameObject; Vector3 hitLocation = new Vector3(hit.point.x, hit.point.y, hit.point.z); Renderer rend = hitObject.GetComponent<Renderer>(); Material raycastHitMaterial = rend.material; GetTexture(hitLocation); } }
This gets the material but not sure how to get the texture from this. I have tried looking this up but as this is not classed as terrain to unity just a gameobject (because the land is proceduraly generated without using a terrain component) I cant use certain methods which i have seen.

I should also mention that the textures are, in many places blends between one another but i would like to retrieve the most prominent one.

Thank you very much!

It depends on the terrain shader. Since Unity has no control over how that shader calculates the final color of each pixel, it can’t provide you with a convenient way to get the texture at some position. However, most likely the shader you use has something like the alphamaps of unity’s default terrain shader, which contain all the transparency values that are used to blend between the detail textures.

So basically, you would have to find that alphamap (or whatever the terrain shader uses instead), query it using hit.textureCoord and then use that information to pick the right texture from the material.