Need Help > Why my 3D modelling became transparent

have some problems in here, i just imported the FBX file into unity and i found in my body 3D modelling its like transparent.
and when i see the Body modelling there is not have a mesh filter , what happen in here ?
Here is the body , because the object look transparent the texture became weird:

alt text

Why another object like head,hair, and accessories is normal, not transparent like in my body model ?
and because the body transparent make the texture came weird
in my 3DsMax i’m using Biped and Skin
in my 3ds max file all object its normal :

alt text

in my unity project became transparent :

Hi Apriyanto,

I got this issue before, Unity Default Shaders only renders one side of the object that it is applied to, so maybe you should try to flip those faces that appear transparent in you 3d Modeler application and re-import your model in Unity again.

Other work around would be to specify in the shader you are using (you have to edit the shader) the following command:

Cull Off

this would tell the shader to render both sides of the mesh.

Hope this help you.