Need Help in Deciding The Best Approach Suitable for me.

I am developing a Police-Car Chase Like game , if i were to rate my Skills in unity i would say they are pretty average , So the question is how would i go about making Artificial Intelligence Police Car That Chase Player at the same time ignore building etc in the environment. I do not want to spend too much time in the Project but want to improve my skills at the same time , I do not know if this type of question can be asked here or not , I would highly Appreciate if anyone can point me in the right Direction Thanks!

There are many different approaches and it is hard to say without knowing more. However, if you want a simple method, you could look into Unity’s builtin navmesh system. You can make the police car a navmesh agent and have it head towards the player. The navmesh system will work out where it can and cannot go.

You can find some good tutorials and information on the navmesh system here