Need Help in Object Collision in VR

I’m currently developing a VR project using Unity and Oculus Integration, and I’m facing an issue with the interaction between my pen object and a skull object. Here are the conditions I’m trying to achieve:

  1. Collision Behavior: I want the pen to stay on the surface of the skull when they collide, instead of passing through.
  2. Skull Object Position: The position of the skull object needs to freeze in the air, maintaining its position.
  3. Writing on Surface: I intend to write on the surface of the skull, so the mesh collider cannot be convex.

Both the pen and the skull have Rigidbody and Collider components, and I’m using Oculus Integration for VR interactions. Any guidance on the appropriate Rigidbody settings, collider properties, or scripting solutions within the context of Oculus Integration would be greatly appreciated!