Need help on how to record in real time

So i have this idea and i want to know if its possable with the current ml agents system
So my idea is a part of a bigger vr game i want to make in the future but the assets that would do the things i want are expensive so im trying to make it myself. Anyways the idea is an ai that can figure out the similarity of lines so i want to be able to start recording be able to draw lines in the air the after a few demonstrations you can stop the recording then draw in the air and it tell you the similarity so that i can do custom spells and stuff.
The asset that im recreating is the miVRly guesture recognition ai
yes it says its free but you have to pay like $100 to get infinate uses, and im poor so i want to make it myself
Does anyone know how to do this or how you could help

i've used this method a few times, works good, you could start with this and expand it with AI if needed

my uses;