Need help on making a Virtual World?

I am wanting to make a virtual world. nothing SUPER big, just a place for my friends and I can just hangout and talk. we were going to just use second life but it is a bit costly. now the college said if we can make on they will host it so size, space, and performance isnt an issue. just we need to know how we can go about doing this.

i know we will need a log in screen, the ability to load some stuff in to the game, in game scripting, in game editing, fast loading (im sure is really just based on the stuff in the scene), to make your own items like textures and objects and import them in, the ability to play music, a chat, character creation, and some other things.

but i would love if we could make it so it can support a lot of people but im just really looking forward to having at least 100 or so people.

Heey there, your question is very vague. To be fully honest, there is actually no question at all. Pleas specify your question in greater details, what do you need help for? Are you seeking man power to assist in your project, you should probably find another forum. Go check the Unity collaboration forum, there you have a chance to find some people to work with you:

Link to the Unity collaboration forum:

I can’t give you a straight answer, but here are some hints:

  1. Try some multiplayer tutorials. For example M2H’s tutorial (scribd version here). It is a bit old but it covers the basics.
  2. Keep in mind that with Unity Networking implementation, you won’t be able to serve 100s of players at the same time. For that purpose you may need to use some plugins. But you can cover this issue later in the project.
  3. Loading random external stuff into the game is not easy. But you can build some optionnal packages using Asset Bundles. Check the documentation: Loading Resources at Runtime.

My suggestions:

  1. Begin small. Make a simple game with a lobby, a chat and an empty room with avatars. M2H’s tutorial will help you do that.
  2. Then make a bigger world, with terrain, building, textures…
  3. Create some mini games inside your world.
  4. After all that is done, you can consider going deeper in multiplayer implementation and try with more than 10 players. For example, take a look at uLink.