Need help picking an editor.


I am a new user to Unity whose only real experience in coding is in Java using eclipse. Because I am so used to eclipse, I got so used to the auto-correct system that I find it very hard to use the default editor that comes with Unity.

Anyways, I have learned that there is a way to use eclipse for editing scripts in Unity, but I was wondering if this is the best option for me. Eclipse is great for Java, but I have heard that it is not very good with other languages.

So long question short, is Eclipse a good editor for Unity given what I am looking for (I just really want some form of real-time auto-correction), or is there a better option?


Sublime Text 2 has been working great for me. I hated MonoDevelop, just because I didn’t particularly like the way it auto corrected. I used this page to install it:

I know this doesn’t answer whether or not Eclipse is right for your situation but while you wait for someone to answer you could give this a go if you want. I code in Javascript but the solutions for C# look pretty similar.

The window is also shrinkable down to more than half the screen size, which I like to do when I’m copying code from a website or watching a video tutorial. MonoDevelop doesn’t let you shrink the window that far and it can be pretty annoying.