Need help regarding : System.Runtime.Serialization.Formatters.Binary;

Hello friends my project successfully run in editor window and also successfully builded for android and pc . But when i try to build it for windows store or windows phone it gives me this error :“GameControl.cs(4,36):error CS0234:the type or namespace name’Formatters’does not exist in the namespace’System.Runtime.Serialization’(are you missing an assembly reference?)”

what to do now ??? [38368-gamecontrol.txt|38368]

Read the documentation that Microsoft supply about what c# classes are supported on Windows Store and WP8.

after a quick read through the docs its clear that there IS no support for binaryformatter. so a quick simple search lead me to StackOverflow’s solution. I’ve never done this, but you should be able to add the SharpSerializer to the Plugin folder in your Assets and use:

#if UNITY_WP8 || UNITY_WP8_1 || UNITY_WSA || UNITY_WSA_8_0 || UNITY_WSA_8_1 || UNITY_WSA_10_0
                        //use sharp serializer
                        //use built-in serializer

Or just simply use the Sharp serializer unconditionally