need help resolving 'renderer.material.color' conflict.

Hey, all. I’m trying to run this piece of code but I can not figure out what’s going on. I’ve been at it for about 4 hours and nothing on Google seems to help much. I keep getting an error that reads “Assets/Plane.cs(6,23): error CS0236: A field initializer cannot reference the nonstatic field, method, or property `UnityEngine.Component.renderer”

public class Plane : MonoBehaviour {

	Color color = renderer.material.color;

	void Start () {

		color.r = 0.0f;
		color.g = 0.0f;
		color.b = 0.0f;

		if(Application.loadedLevel == 1)
			color.r = PlayerPrefs.GetFloat("planeColorR");
			color.g = PlayerPrefs.GetFloat("planeColorG");
			color.b = PlayerPrefs.GetFloat("planeColorB");

		renderer.material.color = color;

I have modified this code a lot so this is definitely not a first attempt.

You need to move the initialization into Start(). So you declare:

 Color color;

Then in Start():

  color = renderer.material.color;

you need this:

renderer.material.SetColor (“_Color”, color);

dot syntax does not work with materials.

also note "_Color" is the address of the _Color variable in a shader, if your material’s shader uses another variable you’ll need to find out what it wants.

[edit (big edit ;)]

just noted you CAN use dot syntax (thanks tanoshimi), although this presumes that the _Color variable exists at all. several shaders do not have the _Color variable, and if you're using a custom shader, they could easily for instance call it _Tintor_Colour`, etc.

However I also note you’re defining the variable at the beginning as

  Color color = renderer.material.color;

I’m pretty sure that you can’t initialise a variable with a get texture like this before any events.

Try changing it to this.

  Color color;

and setting the color in a start routine instead.

void Start(){