need help rotating, what am i doing wrong ??

turn += 0.1f;
Vector3 rotate = transform.rotation.eularAngles;
rotate.x = 0.0f
rotate.y = turn;
rotate.z = 0.0f;
transform.rotation.eularAngles = rotate; (error is on this line)

this for a piece of code that will turn the object 0.1 over a period of time.

cannot modify the return value of UnityEngine.Transform.rotation becuase it is not a variable

Try this:

turn += 0.1f; 
Vector3 rotate = transform.eularAngles; 
rotate.x = 0.0f; 
rotate.y = turn; 
rotate.z = 0.0f; 
transform.eularAngles = rotate;

transform.rotation is the Quaternion structure representation of transform.eularAngles (which is a Vector3 structure)

Dude, your a legend.
thanks very much, trying to figure out for a while
thanks again.