Need Help (Script): UI reticle to RayCast gameObject > Transform gameObject to "hand" attached to FPS.

Hello all! I am a 3D modeler/Graphic Designer. I am fairly new to Unity and I have some coding experience (BUT not very much. Still newbie “C#”). Here is what I am trying to accomplish:

  1. Use UI canvas with a graphic/image attached to a camera using the Canvas > Screen Space Render Mode
  2. I have a the graphic (reticle) on that UI Canvas centered in the middle of the screen.
  3. I want to use the “reticle” to point to objects in my 3D space
  4. Capture that object and transform it to “my hand” (empty gameObject attached to my FPS Controller)
  5. “hold” that picked up item while holding down a “button” (mouse or keyboard)
  6. If “button” is released throw item the the direction of mouse sweep. (let it fly off in the last direction of the mouse before letting go (I have heard using a hinge or something like that. Don’t know how.)
  7. Also, turn gameObject TV on/off with “reticle” using VideoPlayer video texture.
  8. If possible, open doors, flip switches, ect with “reticle” as well.

I have it working in Unity using mouseDown and Up, but my problem with using mouse it that it wont keep mouse locked in center of the screen using web. Since Microsoft dll controls the mouse it position the “grabbing” area where ever the mouse was last. I would really appreciate the help from all of those skilled programmers out there. Thank you in advanced for any help or direction!

This is not an Answer: Just an Update or clarification. I want to use the “reticle” as the projector of the graphicsCast or rayCast NOT where the mouse is located. Just want the “shot” or ray to come from the “reticle” position. That way the mouse location has no effect on my script just where the center of the screen is. :slight_smile: Thank you!