Need help setting Facebook app for "share" functionality


I’ve got a “share to Facebook” functionality in my game. I use the Facebook Unity SDK + Soomla Profile to do it. I’ve managed to test it using Facebook accounts that has tester / developer roles. And it worked just fine. So now I’m trying to set it for the masses. I’ve added the needed items like details, privacy policy, terms and condition, screenshots,etc. I’ve also added a “publish_actions” item for the permission. But strangely, I’ve got a notice that says this:

“It looks like you haven’t made any
API requests to publish content with
the publish_actions permission in the
last 30 days. You need to test this
permission in your app with any
account listed in Roles before you can
submit for review. It looks like you
havent tested this permission because
no API request has been made against
publish_actions in the last 30 days.”

That’s weird because I’ve already tried to post a share dialog just now. How do I fix this? Thanks.

The publish_actions permission is only required for API based sharing, it is not needed for FB.Feed();

Facebook App Review:
“Your app does not need to request the publish_actions permission in order to use the Feed Dialog, the Requests Dialog or the Send Dialog”

If you are only using FB.Feed(); you do not need publish_actions, if you are using API based sharing then Facebook would notice API requests when you are testing and allow you to submit for review.