[Need Help!] So many errors in Unity related to Render and color.

Hello, When yesterday I opened my Unity3d 5.6.1 then it showed a weird thing. I am getting following error:

RenderTexture creation error: CreateRenderTarget failed [out of VRAM]

RenderTexture creation error: CreateTexture failed [out of VRAM]

RenderTexture creation error: CreateDepthStencilSurface failed [out of VRAM]

Assertion failed on expression: ‘rcolor->m_Surface’
RenderTexture error: failed to retrieve color surface [unknown error, code 0x1]
RenderTexture: Resolving NULL surfaces.

SceneView Selected shader is expected to have 7 passes UnityEditor.DockArea:OnGUI()

Here is the image of weird Unity

When I tried opening Light setting. It showed my white dialog box.

I even tried installing and reinstalling of Unity.
Any idea and suggestion solution appreciated here.

Did you try rebooting? Did you change the video card drivers? Out of VRAM means that there is not enough memory on the video card.

if not i have no clue, sorry it didnt help. must be annoying not being able to use it. I guess i’d try installing new OS if that was a viable option, but thats just me.