*Need help, still unsolved* How to use physics materials to make a solid collision system with minimum penetration?

Hello, in one of my last questions I was told I could use physics materials to perfect my collision in my game, because 1000FFPS wasn’t enough. Im playing around with the materials and can’t figure out what would work, so i decided to leave a question here to check back on every few minutes. Im trying to make a combination with no bounce, and no sticking but i do want to make the objects not shoot around when colliding. Theres so many combinations possible to use on both player and blocks (I forgot to mention its a sandbox game) and im just really confused.

What physics materials do I give it friction properties. like ice has low friction. and exc. I think what you need help with is just the colliders. Penetration is when the colliders go at high speeds and that bugs the physics. FYI mesh colliders don’t collide with other mesh colliders.