Need help to get start with unity

Dear developers,

I’m new to unity. I need some help to get start with it.

I want to make similar app like TopOpt. I have the matlab program ready which is available at

Now I want to deploy the matlab program on web. I learn that unity has great cross-platform capability which can make this happen.

I’m here to seek suggestions from unity community to help me start with this. For example, what I need to learn in order to make this app. I know I need use c# as programming language in unity for this app.

Any suggestion will be helpful.


okay first download the Unity Engine

then start learning the User interface(UI)
link text

then learn scripting link text

and you have a good start , in the Learn section on unity’s main website you will get a lot of info and you can always ask questions here if you have any trouble.

as for language
C# , Java, or Boo . are the three main programing languages in unity. all three are easy to learn I’m just a beginner and i managed to get a simple game going .
good luck.

some sites with video tutorials