Need help to move a chess piece correctly? in chess game in 2D C#

Hi guys,
I’m developing chess game [2D] in C# & done with chessboard, I’ve placed all Pieces at proper place & I 'm able to pick & place any black or white piece on board using mouse.
BUT the problem is that pieces are place at any place on chessboard, say on the edge of tile, or on the Corners of tile; I DON’T want to place them like this. They SHOULD place at CENTER of Tile.
Please look at Image:
How this can be done?

I’d tried using grid but won’t able to place the grid on chessboard sprite?
Any Help would be Greatly Appreciated…!

If your tiles are of size 1 and (1,0,1) is , for instance, the middle of a tile (which means you have an offset of (-0.5, 0, -0.5) on the entire chessboard), the you just have to round your position.