Need help to select Unity3d publishing for iOS and android


I am developing one unity3d game and now i want to build it for iOS and android and i want to submit it AppStore and PlayStore respectively. I have see the unity store and i found that there are two different options for iOS and android deployment one is 400 for IOS and 400 for android and another is 1500 for unityPro. So can anybody suggest me which pack should i purchase which is cheapest and it will cover my criteria.(For iOS and Android only).

Thanks in advance

Purchase the Pro versions, which are $1500 each. Note that you will also need the Pro editor, and that is $1500. Seems to make a total of $4500. (If however, you do not need the Pro features, buy the iOS and Android add-ons, which are $400 each, making a total of $800.)