need help to upload my unity game on playstore

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I have made my first game in unity, now I want to upload it on the play store what type of preparation i have to do before making the final release? like policy (gdpr, ccpa & coppa), which ad I should use, and which analytics and crashlytics service I need to use.

kindly please help. I have made one AdMob account and a consol account only.

You need to adhere to the rules in the countries you release in if you have advertising and analytics in your game. Google do basic checks in the review but its on you to adhere to GDPR, COPPA, etc correctly. You should show a privacy policy to tell people how you use their data.

You have to tell users if you collect Advertising IDs, Analytics Data, etc. This is declared in the Policy section of your Google Play app (at the bottom of menu list in google play console). There are questionaires to fill in so users can read how your app behaves.

The biggest issue I found with GDPR, COPPA is the user tracking via the “Advertising ID” which is unique to a user on a mobile device. It’s a code that uniquely identifies a user, so advertising can identify them between apps. If it is enabled you will get more advertising revenue, but children should not have it enabled, and others should be asked first for privacy reasons. On Android 14+ and IOS it is all zeros (unidentifiable) unless the app requests it via user permission. Your Google app needs added to the manifest - this is automatic when using Admob i believe.

I use the following rules: Children under 13 should not be tracked using advertising ID. Anyone older should be asked if they give permission to be tracked.

In our games, at first run, we have screens asking a user what age they are (it must be neutral, i.e. not pre-filled with a date). If they are under 13 we do not request the tracking ID. If over 13 we ask if they are OK with tracking (on IOS this triggers the native tracking permission request)

The results of these questions are passed to the Advertising SDK during initialization (Unity Ads you need a seperate App entry for Children with no Adult Ads, Admob you can pass an age range.)

Regarding analytics, we get the user to accept our terms and conditions, which in turn allows analytics (but technically this was already declared in Google play before they downloaded the APP). We don’t track unique users anyway.

We actually have an assett which shows age screens, etc (we use it in our own apps).
Startup Dialogs

As for analytics, we use Firebase which integrates nicely into Google Play and Google Ads. Unity Analytics is free as long as you are on the free Unity tier I believe.

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@ATate thank you for your kind and supportive answer. it’s appreciated. I am starting integration but if you have any youtube videos or any git repository then can you be able to send me? also, that coppa, gdrp and all things are compulsory or anything is required to do an AdMob account? or how that things work on our side (coding, in Admob anything to do or not)or google side. please help me @ATate thank you for your answer