Need help transforming a 3d model with 21 animations into a 3rd person character.

Ok so i have a character into my scene with 21 various animations. How do I link these animations to key presses and mouse clicks using Playmaker. And also in my scene view my character is dark and not lit.
Please help and thank you in advance. :slight_smile:
Basically I have a 3d model that I want to use for a 3rd person game and want to implement the animations into it.

OK, I can’t tell if you’re trolling. I looked at your other questions, and saw that you asked the community to animate a character for you, so I’m assuming you’re a troll (the fact that your name is a random string of numbers doesn’t help). But if not, because I’m a nice guy…

First, scroll up. Like right now, scroll up. Click the button that says “Learn.” There are tons of tutorials and a whole script reference for you to peruse.

Alternative answer: Press ctl+T. Like right now, press ctl+T. Type in “” and press enter. In the search bar provided, type “unity3d mecanim tutorial,” or something similar.

Please don’t come to the answers site expecting people to write tutorials for you on the spot, or do free work for you. This is a resource for people who have exhausted every other resource, or for help with uncommon problems or features.