Need help troubleshooting onTriggerEnter problem

I’m working my way through the Unity Learn Tutorial. I’ve run into a problem with collision detection that seems to be a common problem but after several hours of troubleshooting and research, I still don’t have a solution to what seems to be simple problem. Create with Code, Project 2, 2.4, Step 2, Detecting Collisions.

I’ve added BoxCollider to the Animals and to the Projectile and checked isTrigger on all of them. Added a RigidBody to the Projectile. Added the following script instructions to all those assets:

public class DetectCollissions : MonoBehaviour {
    private void onTriggerEnter(Collider other)
        Debug.Log("Collission Ocurred");
    } }

I’ve run out of ideas for troubleshooting this problem. It simply seems to ignore the collision. What am I doing wrong?

Setting on Animal asset:

Settings on Projectile asset:

Don’t you need Rigidbodies on both objects? Also, it should be OnTriggerEnter, not onTriggerEnter.

That was IT…

A simple typo, OnTriggerEnter, not onTriggerEnter.

Now I feel stupid, but I would have thought that this typo would have generated some sort of error.

Thanks for the help.