Need help understanding how Unity sizes sprites in world space

I have a 64x64 pixel png. I’ve triple checked this, it is indeed a 64x64 image. In the game window, I set a custom fixed resolution of 640x480. I create a sprite from the Game Objects menu, and reset the transform so that it’s at 0,0,0. The camera is left with the default size of 5.

Now logically speaking, if I set the x scale of the sprite to 10, it should take up 640 pixels, or 100% of the width. This is not the case. Instead I have to set the scale to 20.8, and even then I can still see a tiny sliver of blue on the edge.

So, the question: How do I figure out what the pixel-to-world space conversion is? What magic is Unity doing behind the scenes to require a 20+ scale to get 64 pixel sprite to cover 640 pixels?

The end goal of this knowledge is to determine at run-time how large various sprites need to be at various screen resolutions.

EDIT: Additional information:
Pixels to Units has not been changed from the default, it is still 100.
I took a screen shot of the game window, and the pixels on screen was 31.

Ok… let’s see if we can figure this out…

You created a sprite. By default the PixelToUnits=100 and you didn’t mention it, so you probably didn’t change that.
Which means that the sprite is 64/100 = 0.64 x 0.64 units(m) in size.

Now, the cam.orthographicSize=5 is half the vertical size of the viewing volume, which means
your 640x480 pixels viewport is (10*640/480=) 13.333 x 10 units in size.

So if your viewport is 13.333 units wide and your sprite is 0.64, you need to scale it to 10.333/0.64 = 16.146 …

… which is not the number you got …

Now, this suggests you actually DID change the PixelToUnits value and seeing the numbers, you probably thought it’s a good idea to put this value to PixelToUnits=128 (hopefully)

which would mean that your sprite was actually 64/128 = 0.5x0.5 units in size.

The viewport sizes are the same and your scale value would have to be…

drum roll

10.333 / 0.5 = 20.666

Now we can surely ignore that you actually said the scale was 20.8+, because that would mean you put the PixelToUnits to something arbitrary like 129 … and no one is THAT evil…

I think the Size property of the camera is half of it’s actual height.

I set a scene with the following:


  • Pixels Per Unit: 100 (default)
  • game view resolution: 1000x1000
  • camera Size: 5 (default)
  • example sprite resolution: 1000x1000 pixels
  • example sprite Pixels Per Unit: 100 (default)


1 pixel = 0.01 units

0.01 x 1000 = 10 (units)


The sprite fills 100% of the camera viewport.

Camera height (and width in this case) is 10 (Size 5).