Need help using c# in Unity(Already Know the Language)

I know the language c# already but I’m having trouble learning to use the language in Unity. I’m trying to learn using it from the tutorials Unity has on their website. But it just doesn’t seem to help so much for me because some of the videos are just teaching me c# over again not teaching me to use the language to make scripts for games. That’s how it feels to me, any suggestions or other links besides the Unity Website to help me learn to use the language for scripts in Unity please? Sorry if you don’t understand what I mean.

C# in Unity is exactly the same C# as anywhere else. There’s nothing new to learn about it.
If you’re familiar with programming, it sounds more like you need the Unity API method reference: Unity - Scripting API:

What i do is to look for tutorials and then skip until it has some decent amount of code and see what it does.

Another solution is to download free unity assets from the asset store where it contains documentation and you can use it as a base.