Need Help With 2 player animation

I am making a 2 player game. My animations are working ok as far as my players shooting and running, however if i kill one player the one doing the killing dies. Only one player has the animation for some reason. My game manager spawns the two players at the beginning of the game. What could this be? Only one player is getting the die animation.

well it has to be something with you killing the one player triggers the other player to die, and you must have forgotten to add the animation for the other character, I can’t really help unless I see it so if there is any way you could invite me or something go ahead and show me.

Thank you for the reply. I only have one prefab of the player and that player has the animations. I did not make two different players. The game manager spawns the two players at the start of the game. The controllers work, they run with animation and shoot, its just when I shoot and kill on the same player doing the shooting dies. I also have a health wheel on them and both health wheels work with there respective players. Just dont know why it wont play the animation when I kill the other. Its like the animation is not being copied to the other player when its being spawned. Im taking a class and this is what im making. I got a lot of the code from the Unity Tanks Tutorial. I really appreciate any help you can give me. What would you suggest I do ?