Need help with a Main Menu

Hello Everyone I have just finished a game that is similar to twisted metal. The game is supposed to be like paradise paintball but with cars. Is it possible to have a home page where you click start game. Then once you press start game it gives you a list of 4 maps to be able to play on. Once you click a map it takes you into the battle of that map.

Yes it is possible. You just need to write by yourself your own homepage in HTML. Then in Unity go to Main Menu->Build Settings and choose build for Web player and assign your levels by "Add current" button. Then make ingame menu where player have to choose levels and load them by Application.LoadLevel(level_num) in your ingame menu script. After that build game and upload it to server. And make a call to game page from your home page.

Or just use Kongregate(free game publish service - google it) and make a link to published game from your homepage or even insert web player in your homepage.