Need help with a single Blank error only with the unity 2020

I normally use unity 2018 as I am more used to everything it offers and it was enough unity now but I want to test out the new features in the 2020 version but I get a single blank error and can’t do anything about it.
after a little investigation I figured that the new unity has problem with the very existence of a c# script as I placed a completely empty c# file (not even the starting functions and etc) and error doesn’t go away and also it does not connect to the visual code and the changes I make there doesn’t transfer over to the real file and unity which works fine in 2018 so I was forced to use visual studio to change the script.
so the only thing that I suspect is that they changed the way unity 2020 sees c# scripts compared to 2018 (I am not sure just my thoughts) and i might need some new extensions or something that I am missing or maybe something completely different.
I would really appreciate if somebody could figure this out for me as I don’t have the needed experience for these kinds of technical stuff.

For everybody who are facing with the same problem!
Installing the 2020.2.0b10 beta version with the visual studio extension(I don’t know if the visual studio is a critical part of it but I just gave it a shot) fixed the problem and I seem to have no such problem so give it a try.