Need help with a "Turn-Based" multiplayer game!

Hey everyone,
So i have a very basic “Connect Four” style game that i have created just so i can more easily teach myself how to make a turn based multiplayer game.
Other tutorials i have found are now depreciated and don’t use Mirror or Photon, which I’ve heard were now being used in Unity instead of Unet.
To be honest, I’ve just begun the multiplayer aspect of unity. I’m comfortable making most games, but how to put it on a server and have 2 players each interacting with it, once its their turn, is beyond me.

Any point in the right direction would be greatly appreciated!

hey ;
if you are just starting its not important witch one u use ;
u need to just work with any one u are more happy u think u are with and get the idea behind the multiplayer games and how they should be implemented;

once u got that u can work with any system ;

but i suggest u start with nodjs and u can follow this tutorial too :