Need help with a very annoying UI bug


This is my first day learning unity, and I am having a UI issue that is driving me crazy. It is difficult for me to describe it in words, so I’ve posted an Image of what is going on.

What happened here was, I clicked the drop-down “Create” button, then clicked “Folder.” The folder is made, which is great, but as you can see, I can see the folder option on the screen. This stays there even when I turn off unity, so I don’t think it is necessarily a Unity issue, but was the only time I saw this happen.

Anyways, I was wondering if anyone else has encountered this issue?


It’s not really anything to worry about. I cant really explain whats going on but it’s possibly more to do with your PC hardware and Unity using up a lot of resources, assuming you have a standard office PC, causing bits of lag and just forgetting to remove what you’ve clicked on.

My computer does it from time to time, where that will happen with tooltips on startup, when lots of CPU power is being used. Allocate a higher priority to Unity (might help) or try to close background programs.

Hope this helps a bit.