Need help with animating

So i need help in understanding how animations in unity work. When i import my gun model with animation from Blender there is so much trouble with that. Let’s say i created new animation to already imported model in unity. When importing new animation do i need to make this object from scratch and delete previous instance? This is only way currently i can do anything since everything just breaks so easily.

Your Problem! Well, according to your details your model’s UVs are not aligned with your animation. All you need to do is to make Avatars for your animations by selecting your animation clip and going to rig tab in the inspector.


There are generally 2 types of animations in Unity:-

  1. Humanoid Animations: Animations for Characters with a Human-like structure, i.e a head, 2 arms, 2 legs, and a central body.
  2. Generic Animations: Animation for other Game Objects like monsters with multiple limbs, primitive game objects, vehicles, weapons, etc.

Note: You can not just import any animation into unity and use it for your game objects. In some cases, you can, but most of the time it won’t work. It would be best if you made some changes to it. Or you have to optimize the animation for the game object.

How to set properties for animation included with the model? It will be a very long post if everything is explained in detail. But, the main is that whenever you import a model into unity (the model does not mean any character model; it means any model like any asset that has some import settings in the inspector window). So whenever you import a model, in the inspector window, it will have multiple tabs; including the animation tab. You need to open that. Now, if you attached the animation with the model you can see it here and change its properties like looping and even breaking that animation into multiple different animations etc. But, if you have an external animation or just an animation file, how to connect it to the character.
How to set properties for animation not - included with the model? This time you have to select the imported animation file and see the same properties in the inspector. After manipulating the animation tab, go over to the rigging tab. In this tab, you have the option to create an avatar. If your model is a humanoid character then just choose “Humanoid” from the Animation Type. “Create from this Model” from the Avatar Definition. And that’s it! You have now matched your animation’s UVs to your model. This means that the animation you imported will work with the model without any issues regarding UVs.
Animator Component: You probably know about the animator component. If not then you should know about it. The most important thing you should know is that when you created an avatar for your animation, unity created an asset for the avatar. You need to assign that avatar to the “Avatar” option in the Animator component. This will explain it in detail to you: Unity - Manual: Animator Controller
Useful Links:

  1. Unity’s Official Youtube Playlist:- Tutorials - Beginner Animation - YouTube

  2. Unity’s Official Documentation for Animation:- Unity - Manual: Animation