Need help with coding fighting game Throws / Grabs

I have recently started a course on Udemy about making a Fighting game on Unity. Unfortunately the course din’t bother including any kind of throw / Grab mechanics that fighting games are known today. I might have an idea how throws and Grabs might work with Hitboxes, But coding wise i don’t have much idea how to set up a throw animation and have it go to a whiff animation or Go into the full Grab animation if the throws Hitbox collides with the Opponent. Not to even mention how am I supposed to set up a Throw break with opponent where they can Break the grab in few frames. I’m also curious about coding a throw system similar to King of Fighters series where the throw happens if your close to the opponent and press The Heavy attack button and hold back or forward. Do you guys know Any Guides or Reference code i could take a look at? Much apriciated.


I recoomend you to llok for all this things:

Trigger Colliders
Trigger/Collision detection (To detect things)

Raycasts (to knwo what will hit if you “throw” something, but probably will no need it)

Change transform.parent of an object (so it follows the “hand” when is grabbed)

Of course, Animators & animations

And Unity basic Component references in scripts to make your own scripts.

Good Luck!