Need Help with Dead Animation only working for one Player

Hello all,

I was wondering if anyone could help me figure out why my animation is only working for one player. I have one prefab solider and my game manager spawns the second player at start up. When I kill one of the solider only one will trigger the animation and the other one does nothing.The game manager knows which player wins the game at the end, but does not set off the animation. Its like its not being copied to the other player when he dies. Could it be a problem in the animation setting? Any help is greatly appreciated. .

Yes it does. It spawns both players. But if I shoot and kill player 1, player 1 will be removed from the scene because player 2 won, but player 2 will run the animation. Instead of player 1 running the animation if him dying. The game manager is working because it recognizes which player wins the round and finally the games. Player 2 is the only one what the animation works for. Its driving me nuts. lol here is my script. Please help

public void TakeDamage(float amount)
m_CurrentHealth -= amount;
SetHealthUI ();

	if(m_CurrentHealth <=0f  && !m_Dead)

private void OnDeath ()

	m_Dead = true;
	anim.SetBool ("isDead",true);