Need Help with function parameters and RPC parameters!

Hi, I asked a question Here, but afterwards i ran into a problem; I don’t know what parameters to use in my RPC function, or how to format them. Here are some code snippets:

networkView.RPC("moveObject", RPCMode.Server, /*What do I put here?*/);


function moveObject(_rigidbody:Rigidbody,_vector:Vector3){
	var finalVector:Vector3=(_vector-_rigidbody.transform.position);

Help is much appreciated!

See here for supported RPC parameters. You can’t send a rigidbody refence.
The standard way would be to have the networkView directly on a rigidbody (which is ceated by Network.Instantiate from the server) and to use the RPC call only with the position parameter.

By the way, syncing transform/rigidbody parameters is supported by default, so if your use case really is just moving stuff, just drag the Rigidbody component onto the NetworkView.