need help with "Infinite Maze"

Plz help. I’m fairly new to programing and I’ve been trying to find something that is a real time maze generator for DAYS. (I’ve been to the 18’th page of google, ok, I’m desperate). Everything I find has something that loads a random maze when you start the game, but it has a set width and length. I’ve been looking for a real time generator that updates based on player position. So if a player walks north (just for example) then maze “Chunks” will generate north and the “Chunks” south will be deleted. So if a player tries to go back south the maze will be different. Basically making it infinite.

Ok, I might have an idea. I will make a bunch of set rooms (like 20) and then have each as a prefab and have colliders detect where the player is. If the player is on a side of a set room it will pick a random number and each room is assigned a number (so it will pick a random room) and generate it, when the player leaves the collider it will delete the room.