Need Help with my Basic "Bounce" Nokie game clone

Ever played Bounce on the nokia? I want to make that in 3D using Unity3D.

What I have is a plane, a sphere and a light. Now I need some help on javascript to implement these features: *moving around with W,A,S and D keys. *Gravity like in the real world, so he cannot fly. *Jumping. *Sliding down a hill. *Speed increases when sliding down a hill and moving forward with "W" at the same time.

This is all I need for this Bounce clone. I have little experience with javascript or any other programming language, so if anyone is interested in helping me, It will be greatly appriciated! :)

Thanks :) -Afflicto

This is not a website where you can just post all your problems and expect to get answers for all of them. Please read the FAQ very carefully, and next time, ask one specific question that you want answered, not a whole slew of problems.

Please also check out this Q/A, which has tons of links to tutorials and references that will probably help you out.

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Sounds like what you want is the collaboration forum.