Need help with normalmap acne.

Every model I import is facing same problem. Models are varying from professional grade to only test cube. I’ve tried everything from calculating tangents,normals,to importing on or both, different exporters, different software,different light… As soon as I turn off diffuse bump map, problem is gone. Also if I calculate tangents problem is gone ,and so is normalmaping and light is calculated wrong. So I am one step to drop everything off and see what unreal has to offer. I would rather not do that so if anyone can help me it will be great.


Ok, here is what I did in case someone have same problem, first I’ve exported color map like dds (original file was also dds) using nvidia dds plugin, enablig creation of mipmaps in the proces, next I’ve used crazybump for height ,specular and normal map. Then I’ve set normal map (jpg) to be normalmap in unity, and all was fine.