Need help with physics

Basically i want the player/rocket to follow a point on the screen where user touches. But It’s based on physics. Force must be added when user touches somewhere and the rocket has to reach that point. Gravity is there too. If the rocket passes the point then it has to come by using forces. This is the game (click the red button on the bottom left side and then green button. Arrow keys to play).

The rocket rotates too. I’m not good in physics at all.

First try to breakdown your goal into much much smaller goals. I Won’t give you a script (it won’t benefit you anyway), but I’ll Address the steps of making one. There will be more consideration as you start coding but this will get you started on what you need to do.

First We have our input issue, we need to get our input into something usable. Touch.position is in Pixel Coordinates and our “rocket” is in World Coordinates, so we need to Convert that using Camera.ScreenToWorldPoint method.

Next is our desired Direction, this will be the Difference of the Rockets Position and the Touch position Vectors.

Next is out Angular Velocity Problem, you want it to rotates to your desired direction, or it will thrust in the wrong direction. this can be solved by adding a torque to your particular axis until its forward direction lines up with the desired direction, to stop further rotation, set the angularity to zero .

Lastly is Our Added Force Distance problem , basically we only want thrust to be applied so log there is distance between the rocket and its destination, a simple distance calculation can solve this one

Hope it helps