need help with program flow control

New to unity but not to programming. Used to my ways controlling program flow so having lots of trouble with concept of integrating scripts. C# is my preferred language and also efficient in java. Used to creating classes and handling events and data to progress in my apps and games. Trying to port one of my attax-style games and can’t find any good examples out there on where to keep all of my static methods and variables and how to get from menu to help to level, etc… I know scripts have to be attached to objects and understand most of what I’ve read about unity, object clicking and instantiating but still can’t wrap my head around how to manage everything as I’m stuck in my ways. If someone has posted a good beginner tutorial (or plans to) on something like a turn based checkers game 2d it would greatly help me figure out how to manage stuff like a load screen, main menu and how I’m gonna relate my many variables to objects created in the scenes. Seems mostly what I find is tutorials on side scrolled games and animation states. Also note the games I write are for android and other mobile for the most part. Any help would be appreciated.

you dont need to have a script in play to access it. all static etc classes are accessible from compiled scripts, if it’s compiled then it’s accessible without being in game. i dunno c much can’t be too clear on it.

all gameobjects can be accessed by Find, findwithtag, drag and drop, find in children, and just by populating variable lists in the unity interface via mouse drags. all subcomponents of gameobjects are like gameobject.renderer.material,

all variables are accessible across gameobjects by searching unity answers and copying pasting 2 3 lines of access code…

start and update functions handle execution of your code, lateupdate is for physics, it’s in phisics time not fps time.

dont start learning unity by converting huge codes. you can make simple games with dots and mouse clicks to get familiar with it. gui is abit complex it’s OnGui class … or … screenposition, mouse position code to click buttons.

indeed it sounds like you dont have unity experience, first step is to program point and click routines on stuff, do any simple tutorials you will answer 1000ds of your questions. unity has a vast and very easy learning curve.

there are 1000 ds of unity tutorials on google, search for one that suits you. :slight_smile:

it isnt easy to jump into unity, you need 1 day to make simple games and 1-2 weeks to be fluent in unity workflow.