Need help with UI scaling interfering with other GameObjects

When I change the Aspect Ratio the UI scales correctly, but since it’s a mobile game it isn’t very big and the UI often overlaps the in game stuff like the walls. Is there a way to make it so the UI won’t overlap no matter the aspect ratio?

It really depends on how you want it to look. Your UI was obviously designed for portrait, so it can’t be expected to work correctly with a landscape orientation. To keep the portrait UI in the middle of the screen even in landscape mode, you can set the following properties on the canvas scaler:

UI Scale Mode: Scale With Screen Size
Reference Resolution: something sensible that represents your original aspect ratio. For example, you could set it to 900 by 1600 to get a 9:16 setting.
Screen Match Mode: Match Width Or Height
Match: All the way over to height

Otherwise, you’d need to consider how you want your UI to look on landscape and tweak it accordingly. You may even need to create a separate landscape version of it.