need help with Unity 3d chat

I was wondering if unity3d has a chat... like for example, the one in facebook.

i am creating a real estate application and i want the Realtor to be able to chat with their client via unity3d.

so i am wondering if that is possible...please help...

thank you.

Unity does not have that functionality built-in.

It is possible. You would need to implement it or find a packaged solution to use. You can build one into Unity or if building this for web deployment, you might want to build one into the website wherein this will be hosted.

As he said, you need a 3rd party part.

Unity does come with one as a downloaded demo:

That could help...

Also, Smart Fox Server has some stuff with Unity, can go to their site:

Download the Unity portion, and they have some examples, they also made the Island demo usable with it (I've tested it LAN and it does work).

Try Photon from ExitGames. It's free for your first hundred users and is a backend server with which Unity can communicate.

One of the pre-canned demos is a chat room application.

Unity does not have a built in chat but i can create a script for you to use chat.