Need help with Vive controler

Hello friendly Unity community (hehe).

I’m stuck for a few days now on a particular problem in my VR project.

I’m trying to make my box that has a collider-trigger recognize my “TriggerClicker” input on my controller.

I have googled everything possible… i’m pretty sure the thing is sooo simple to do but i’m a relatively new c# dev and this one thing is so frustrateing…

My controlers are taged “GamepadL” and “GamepadR”… the code on my box is: ↓↓↓

void OnTriggerEnter(Collider c)
if ((c.tag == “GamepadL” || c.tag == “GamepadR”))
Debug.Log(“Trigger entered senpai”);
//Check if the trigger on the controller is pressed here
If i can get it to detect trigger imputs from my controllers i can then tie it with other scripts and make it change bools, etc.

Can someone please help?

Figured it out…