Need help with yield WaitForSeconds C#

I’m trying to make a script where when a powerup hits the player, he receives the powerup for X amount of seconds. It is working except nothing after the WaitForSeconds statement is executing. This results in him having the powerup forever. ( Debug.Log(“Finished waiting”) and deactivatePowerup( player) are never called…

	public void OnCollisionEnter2D( Collision2D collision ){

		if (collision.gameObject.tag == "Player") {
				isActive = false;
				gameObject.renderer.enabled = false;
				StartCoroutine( activatePowerup( collision.gameObject ) );

			Debug.Log ("Hit player");

		}else if (collision.gameObject.tag == "Ground") {


	public IEnumerator activatePowerup( GameObject player ){
		player.GetComponent<Player>().setAttackDelaySeconds (0.25f);
		Debug.Log ("Powerup Activated");
		yield return new WaitForSeconds(2.0f);	
		Debug.Log ("Finisehd waiting");
		deactivatePowerup ( player );


	public void deactivatePowerup( GameObject player ){
		player.GetComponent<Player> ().setAttackDelaySeconds (0.75f);
		Debug.Log ("Powerup Finished");
		Destroy (gameObject);

I have a hunch that the power up is being destroyed before the activatePowerup coroutine can finish executing. As a quick test, comment out Destroy(gameObject) inside your OnCollision callback.