Need lot of help regarding starting with smartFox server or just any server ....


I am experienced somewhat in making Games in general, but have no clue regaridng the network part. So, im a complete noob wrt to network stuff, and am aching to learn it

Can you guide me or point me in the right direction towards getting detailed/step-by-step instructions of setting up a simple .... client server app. say, client will send a number .... and server just will return a double of it.

I tried the following for now ....

  1. Installed java (latest version) ..... and installed SmallFox server Lite.
  2. Tried the sample ( i pasted the sample code at the end of the query for readability) ( I added the reference to the SmallFoxServerClient as well )
  3. case 1 : when i havent started the smallfoxserver, and launched the script, i get the message saying .... Connection failed : I/O Error : connection refused

    case 2 : i started the small fox server ......... and then try to run the below script .... then i dont get any log message at all . not even connection successfull message!

So, i dont know how to proceed further.

Please can someone guide me through this?

Sample Code i've tried ...:

    using UnityEngine;
using System;
using System.Collections;
using SmartFoxClientAPI;
using SmartFoxClientAPI.Data;
using SmartFoxClientAPI.Util;

public class network : MonoBehaviour 
    private static SmartFoxClient smartFoxClient;

    // Use this for initialization    
    void Start ()
        SFSEvent.onConnection += handleConnection;
        smartFoxClient = new SmartFoxClient(true);
        if (smartFoxClient==null) 
            Debug.Log("can't find connection");

        smartFoxClient.Connect("", 9339);

    private void handleConnection(bool success, string error) 
        if (success) 
            Debug.Log("Connection successful" );
            Debug.Log("Connection failed : " + error);


Have you looked at this forum posting:

SmartFox/Unity Demo Issues

Another resource that may help you: MMO tutorial on the Unifycommunity Wiki ... I'm a bit hesitant posting that link but while you shouldn't expect to be able to create an MMO "out of a simply quick tutorial" this should nevertheless give you some helpful insights.

I guess the main problem with your setup is that you're using SmartFoxServer Lite. You need SmartFoxServer Pro or Basic.

Or, you could look into Photon: Photon - they now have a free license for up to 50 concurrent users which should be fine to get started. They also have a simple MMO-style example that works with Unity on their Website.