Need More Tutorial Video

hi every one…
I just saw 3dbuzz 's unity video… and I found it really good and useful. but I need more! the good point of it’s tutorial was that they teach unity in a example game … they starting making a game and teach unity step in step… that was better than just teaching parts… I know how to work with unity … just need more example of making game’s script and tutorials of scripting… is there any other tutorial video like this? thnx

There are a couple here. Pardon the pun.

you bet! TornadoTwins on youtube is a great resource. I make tutorials to. My name on youtube is the same as it is here. BurgZergArcade also makes good tutorials on youtube.

I found this channel that has some really basic tutorials up on like triggering audio, making simple quests, spawning objects etc. All small things you could use in your game that are quite helpful. Here it is: 2KMIXEDIT - YouTube