Need optimizing tips for mobile third person shooting game.

I am working on a third person shooting games for mobile.

I need some optimizing tips for the same.

For eg I read somewhere instantiating and destroying gameobject is not a good technique for mobile platforms.
If i am firing a bullet i should use pooling system.

Now I have many maps for the game.

How to manage this in unity?

I should create different different scenes for that or
I should add maps in one scene and activate whichever is required or
I should instantiate the required map at runtime or
any other method?

Other optimizing techniques will also be helpful.

I wouldn’t recommend loading one scene with all maps. This would cause everything to be loaded into memory at once, which would increase memory consumption a lot. Though it would enable you to switch maps faster.

I would put each map into it’s own scene and load that in additively, ideally with Application.LoadLevelAsync if you have Pro.

Check out this link for more mobile optimisation tips.

Try to get “Draw Calls” to minimum. Ideal for phones is around 50 draw calls, tablets has 100+… i think

Something about Draw Calls: what's the best way to reduce draw calls? - Unity Answers

And check this:
Unity - Manual: Level of Detail (LOD) for meshes - LOD provide you rendering objects with lower quality, which are so far from camera

and this:
Unity - Manual: Occlusion culling - With OcclusionCulling you dont render objects which you cant see

Of course make new scene for every new level :wink: