Need Precise Flicker on Phone


I’m trying to make my phone screen flicker at a constant speed of about 45Hz. I want to test on my phone and then eventually implement in the background of a game or something. Does anybody have any advice for getting highspeed, precise flickering?


Use Application.targetFrameRate.

All apple devices have at best a maximum frame rate of 60 fps. Even most Android devices have a max hardware framerate of 60 fps or lower. However to show a 45Hz flicker you need at least a framerate of 90 fps since you need to turn it off and on at least 45 times per second. So one period (1 on + 1 off) requires 2 frames. That means to get 45Hz you would need 45 * 2 == 90 fps which pretty much no device hardware is able to.

Even most computer monitors usually have a hardware framerate of 60fps. There are monitors which support 90 or 120 fps but they are quite expensive. Also sometimes it’s just a marketing trick. The actual refresh rate might be 120 fps to avoid visual flicker, but the update rate might still be just 60 fps.

So on most consumer hardware it’s impossible to achieve such a high flicker rate.