Need Shooting C# script help

im trying to get a script so i can fire a bullet when i press 1 on the keybord and i want to make this in C# anyone have the script code for this there is no reload just each time i press 1 it fires and i can put in a cool down

Make a research on Youtube and/or Google : “Unity 3d Shooting Script Tutorial”.

Check for keyboard input.

Then learn raycasting. Here, and perhaps here

I don’t know exactly what you mean by cool down. I am going to go with reloading.

For reloading use yield WaitForSeconds.

Done. The recipe for a basic shoot script. But for future rudimentary questions try Google first. More often than not it can tell you what to do. And it saves you the time it takes formulating a question and it saves us the trouble of answering it.

Good luck.